Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Indulge your hair with luxurious products from world-renowned French Architect of Style and hairstylist Frédéric Fekkai.

Why should you give Fekkai hair products a try? Well, in Frédéric Fekkai's words, they will help you achieve that 'effortless chic' look that is so famously French. We wouldn't argue with a Frenchman when it comes to style but if you want more reasons, here are a few.
Products within the Fekkai line:
  • Have luxurious textures and refreshing, invigorating scents
  • Help maintain the healthy look of your hair
  • Have all been tested in the world-renowned Frédéric Fekkai Salons
  • Are developed to meet the standards of Fekkai's A-list clients
  • Address specific needs of different hair types
  • Include shampoos, conditioners, masks, glazes, mousse, creams, lightweight hairsprays and shine mists.
*By being a member of Bzzagent.com I was able to sample the Full Volume Collection (With botanicals
Adds body and volume to fine, limp hair).

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