Sunday, July 5, 2009

New Scents in Shop

I have just decided to add 3 New Scents to my line because these are some amazing fragrance blends. My only problem is I need help naming them. All of my products are named after names of Women.

Please look at the descriptions of the scents below, then comment on this post with what you think the scent name of each fragrance should be (women names please).

- If I choose all 3 of your choices, you will win a body butter in the scent of your choice.

- If I choose one of your choices, then your name will go into a drawing to win a body butter in the scent of your choice.

(1 Winner will be chosen and will be notified by email/convo. Contest starts now and is open until I see a name that I think fits each scent.)

1. Lovers of tropical floral scents will delight in this heady, sexy blend of Tahitian gardenia, muguet de bois, and nag champa, which adds an exotic, incense-y touch to bottom notes of vanilla and apricot. Be transported to a sultry volcanic island paradise somewhere just east of Fiji. (Monyette Paris)

2. Clean scent, brightened with touches of berry and flowers! Top notes of tropical acai berry and bamboo lead to a floral middle of jasmine, orange blossom, and flirty Southern magnolia. The base consists of sandalwood, musk, and the surprising freshness of green rose. (Acai berry & Magnolia)

3. A sheer, flirtatious blend that begins with clean citrusy top notes of bergamot, grapefruit, and essential oils of lemon and lime. Floral mid-notes of white orchid, freesia, jasmine, passionfruit, and lily of the valley lead to a sweet, soft drydown of vanilla, caramel, and amber.
This vibrant, alluring blend is an inviting combination of clean white floral blossoms and sparkling citrus notes, softened and sweetened with sugary notes of caramel and vanilla. (Fresh Sugar Blossom)

Update - Lemon Jitters, I have decided to go with the names you have chosen with a slight change on the 2nd name. Thank you so much and I will contact you for your body butter :)
1. Sera 2. Ana 3. Amelia


  1. 1. Phoebe
    2. Candace
    3. Leah

  2. 1. Aralai
    2. Felicity
    3. Vivian

    You have an amazing way of describing the scents!


  3. 1. Sera: an intoxicating name of Fijian origin
    2. Ana-Beatrice: reminiscent of my trip to Brazil a few years ago where I met people with beautiful hearts, especially the sweet, dimple-cheeked child, Ana-Beatrice.
    3. Amelia: this name basically means 'industrious, work,' which is exactly what this scent will do for you! It will work hard (so you don't have to) to engage others with your captivating personality!

  4. Feel bad just listing names after Lemon Jitters comment. My goodness. But here goes:

    1. Gabriella
    2. Baylee
    3. Carmen

  5. 1. Sopie
    2. Bella
    3. Lilly

  6. Ooops! #1 should be Sophie, not Sopie! lol.

  7. 1. Babette
    2. Savannah
    3. Camilla


  8. 1. Olina-Hawaiian name meaning joyous
    2. Juanita- meaning "the Lord is gracious"
    3. Alani- Hawaiian name meaning orange tree

  9. 1. Mahina-- a Polynesian girl name meaning "the moon"
    2. Alcee-- You can't get more of a deep south name than this! Pronounced "all say"
    3. Anne-- simple and very sweet

  10. 1. Pele - Hawaiian Goddess of the Volcano
    2. Miki
    3. Lana

  11. 1. Kohana (little flower in Japanese)
    2. Scarlette
    3. Grace

  12. 1. Kali
    2. Myuki
    3. Clara

    Man, you're gonna have a hard choice! There are some great names here!

  13. You are aware that Dirty Girl is a brand of products by Blue Q?